Madura Travel


Madura is one of cities in East Java. You can go by train for about 11 hours or 2 hours by plane. But as always I choose train over plane because the views along the way is always incredible.


What To Do In Malang

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When you travel to Indonesia, the most popular place will be Bali. But in fact, there is so many beautiful places to travel such as Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Java, Sumatra and etc. In this post I will tell about Malang. Malang is a city in East Java. There is many ways to reach there but I decided to go by train. I went to Malang from Jakarta by train around 16 hours, but the views from the windows was really worth it!!

Loving Myself is Difficult

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I’m a perfectionist. It happened since I entered junior high school, since I couldn’t enter one of the public schools in my town. So I had to enter private school, which I thought expensive and I decided to just do whatever that made my parents proud of me and got no regret. I did whatever to be number one in school and I got it.
Although it seemed good for some people, I realized myself got into trouble. I realized that I wasn’t a perfectionist at education only, but also my life had to be perfect. It was depressing that I wasn’t perfect, I got a lot of insecurities at my appearance, society, and what people thought about me.